Biriyani Masala


Biriyani Masala made from an exotic blend of Ceylon spices for mouth watering biryani rice including veg and non veg biryani rice recipe.

Biriyani Masala Recipe

Please use 8 tbsp of ghee, 2 large onions chopped, 4 tomatoes chopped, 4 tsp coriander leaves chopped, 1 kg cubed chunks of meat for non vegetarians, 2 cups of curd, 50 grams of the Biriyani Masala Mix.

  • Heat the gree in a pan, saute onions until brown, add tomatoes, coriander leaves, curd, meat and Biriyani Masala, stir fry for 3 minutes then mix in the rice.
  • Add the contents to a pan or rice cooker with sufficient water and cook until done
  • Mix and serve steaming hot after adjusting salt level

Chicken could be substituted with mutton, prawns or your choice of meat or vegetables. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves, raisins and fried onions

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