Black Cumin Oil 8 oz ( 236.60 ml )


Black cumin oil is obtained by cold pressing at very low temperatures to maintain the chemical composition of the oil.

No chemicals or catalysts are used in this process. The process is 100% natural. The oil is then double filtered to get the 100% pure Black cumin oil.

Black Seed is used in perfumery, especially in soaps, and as a spice in cakes, breads, pastries, confectionery, sauces, cheese, etc. The oil is added to alcoholic liquors. Also used as flavouring material and for medicinal purposes.

The fatty oil obtained by the expression of seeds is used for edible purposes. The oil is semi drying and is of reddish brown colour. They are also used as a stabilizing agent for edible fats.

Add a few drops of Cumin Oil in to your favorite dish and taste the difference.

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