100 Cinnamon Toothpicks with Holder


Taste the goodness of 100% natural real Cinnamon Toothpicks which are only available in Sri Lanka. Please read customer reviews from around the world at the bottom of this page.

The 100 Cinnamon Toothpicks are contained in a hand made wooden Toothpick holder. These Cinnamon Toothpicks are made exclusively from branches of the Cinnamon tree. Real Cinnamon is only grown in Sri Lanka (Ceylon).

The affinity between Cinnamon and Sri Lanka is so strong that the very botanical name of the spice - Cinnamomum zeylanicum is derived from the island's former name, Ceylon.

The only toothpick that you can totally chew for hours.The more you chew the hotter it tastes.For maximum results keep the toothpick in your mouth and bite as long as you like.

When the wooden Toothpick holder is opened the fresh fragrance of Cinnamon will fill your room.

Taste the goodness of 100% Natural real Cinnamon Toothpicks which are free of sugar and calories.

Helps us
  • who diet to take the edge off our hunger (with no sugar and zero calories ! ).
  • Smokers by providing an enjoyable substitute for tobacco when they really need it !
  • to cure smoker's breath and bad breath.

SPECIAL OFFER - Buy up to four holders and pay the same rate for shipping. These hand made holders would sure make a unique gift.

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