Black Peppercorns

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Black Peppercorns from Ceylon is renowned for it’s high volatile oil content that make the spice very pungent. Sri Lanka has been famous the world over for her range of spices and essential oils.

DRUERA markets Black Peppercorns in 2 oz , 4 oz and 16 oz pack sizes which could be purchase online by clicking the arrow pointing down next to the pack size.

Spices was the magnet that drew foreigners to Sri Lanka - first the Arabs, then the Portuguese, the Dutch and finally the British who made her a colony of their far flung empire. In flavour and fragrance, Sri Lanka’s spices stand in a class of their own.

As pepper berries ripen, they turn from green to yellow and then to red. If the end product is to be black pepper, the berries are picked while still somewhat immature and then dried. The entire berry or peppercorn is used. As the berries dry, the skin wrinkles and turns deep brown or black. When ground, the peppercorns yield a powder of light and dark particles.

Our black pepper is grown in the wild and as such could be considered organic. Once harvested it is sun dried and vacuum packed to preserve the essential oils. 

Worldwide delivery within 3 - 7 days with online shipment tracking.

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Michelle F. (Grove, United States)

Black Peppercorns

Arthur L.W. (Bristol, United States)
Thoughts on Cinnamon, Black Peppercorns, and Nutmeg

Quite a few years ago I started out ordering Cinnamon, and then added, nutmeg, & black pepper. The spices are fresh, well packed, and are delivered promptly. I have ordered a few other products on occasion as well. I would not hesitate to order any item they offer, as they are a quality Company. It doesn’t get any better than DRUERA. They are a Seven Star Company, they are that good.

Art W.

Rusty P. (Edmonton, Canada)
Really good

Wonderful flavor, these are the best in my pepper grinder.

Tamas D. (Zurich, Switzerland)

High quality products, as usually

Kirsten B. (Annemasse, France)
Great spicy spices - and gentle soaps.

So happy to be back with you. My favourites are above all the Cinnamon, the Black pepper and Turmeric, Cardamom pods and vanilla.