Gunpowder Green Tea 1 lb ( 453 grams )


Gunpowder green Tea from Ceylon is probably the cleanest green tea in the world

Green Tea differs from other varieties of tea because the harvested shoots are subject to heat either by steam of pan frying.This inactivates the enzymes of the Green Tea and therefore fermentation does not take place. Thus the chemical composition and colour of the Green Tea leaf is similar to fresh tender shoots.

Dru Era Green Teas are produced in the Kandy district located in the central hills of Ceylon and delivered to you within days of harvest

How to brew the perfect cup

  • Use Filtered water or spring water that is not too heavy
  • Boil one cup of water (212 Fahrenheit) in a clean pot
  • Reduce the water temperature to about 180 Fahrenheit.
  • Add 1 to tea spoons of Green Tea and steep for two minutes
  • You can enjoy your first cup of joy
  • One serving of Green tea can be brewed several times, with each steep another element of flavour could be enjoyed

Experiment with these methods to find your perfect cup of green tea.

Worldwide delivery through Fedex or DHL to reach you within 3 - 7 days with online shipment tracking.