Kithul Treacle 420grams


Kithul Treacle and Jaggery are products made from the sugary sweet sap obtained by tapping the young Kithul inflorescence according to a traditional methods passed down the generations for over 2000 years in Sri Lanka.

Savoured for thousands of years, even by royalty, our genuine Kithul treacle is a must-have accompaniment with yogurt or curd.

Also called Kithul honey and sometimes confused with molasses, Kithul treacle has a unique taste and aroma that is more similar to maple syrup.

As an all-natural, chemical-free products with no additives or preservatives, treacle is a healthy alternative to granular sugar. It is learnt that Pure Kithul Syrup has a very low Glycaemic Index (GI) value among sweeteners.

The scientific name of the plant that Kithul Treacle is extracted is known as Caryota Urens and is a species that grows naturally in the wild and as such its products are considered to be organic.

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