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Green Cardamom 4 oz | We ship worldwide | Buy online

Green Cardamom 4 ounce Tin

Green Cardamom 4 ounce Tin

Green Cardamom 4 ounce Tin

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Whole Green Cardamom – sometimes called the grains of Paradise

Ceylon has been famous the world over for her range of spices for centuries. Spices was the magnet that drew foreigners to Sri Lanka - first the Arabs, then the Portuguese, the Dutch and finally the British who made her a colony of their far flung empire. In flavour and fragrance, Ceylon spices stand in a class of their own.

Cardamom is the dried fruit of the herbatious perennial Elettaria cardamomum. The grades of cardamom exported from by us is called LLG1. The premium grade of green cardamom.

Our cardamom is grown in the wild and could be considered organic. After harvest the cardamom is cured in the shade and vacuum packed to retain its freshness.

In the Middle East and West Asian markets, the largest importers of cardamoms in the world, the Green cardamoms of Ceylon are preferred. Cardamoms are ground and mixed with ground coffee and served as “KAWA”, a favorite drink in the Arab Countries.

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