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Kitul Jaggery 1 lb (453 grams)

Kitul Jaggery 1 lb (453 grams)

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Kitul Jaggery an alternate to traditional sugar

Kitul Jaggery (also transliterated as jaggeree) is the traditional unrefined wholesome sugar made from the sap of the Kitul Tree.

The sap of the Kithul tree is taped early in the morning and the sap is boiled in a large vessel. When the sap is ready it is poured in to coconut shells or moulds and left to harden.

It Sri Lanka Kithul jaggery is believed to have great nutritive and medicinal value. It has the reputation of being a medicinal sugar and is prescribed for use in the Ayurvedic system of medicine. Ancient Medical scriptures dating back to 2500 years state how Kithul jaggery has been used.

Uses of Kithul Jaggery

  • - Grated Jaggery tastes great as a topping on vanilla ice cream
  • - Grated Jaggery is yummy on butter and toast
  • - A Jaggery piece could be used as a sweetener for tea or coffee
  • - Wattalapam and authentic Sri Lankan desert could be made of Jaggery

Kithul Jaggery contains proteins, minerals and vitamins, which are essential constituents for the body. It is also a potent source of Iron and has a higher Iron and Copper contents than white sugar.

It is also a superior product among natural sweeteners with regards to the Vitamin contents. It is an energy food that is said to "purify" blood, regulate the liver function and keep the body healthy.

Even the great Mahatma Gandhi felt that jaggery was healthier than refined sugar, as it was not introduced into the blood as rapidly. As such, he used it in his own personal diet and recommended it to use in his invented goat milk diet.

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