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Vanilla Beans 4 oz ( 25 - 30 beans)

Vanilla Beans 4 oz ( 25 - 30 beans)

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The most exotic Vanilla Beans come from Ceylon. Our fresh Vanilla Beans are shipped worldwide within days of harvest directly from Ceylon.

Each flower is pollinated by hand if not within hours of bloom the flower dies and falls off. The Vanilla bean takes eight months to mature on the vines before harvest. After harvest the beans go through a 100% natural curing process which takes four more months to achieve its unique texture and flavour. Our Vanilla beans are sought after as they are grown free of any chemicals or pesticides, non-irradiated and shipped worldwide within days of harvest from Ceylon.

Why use a vanilla bean rather than vanilla extract in baking?

  • Vanilla Extract has a tendency to pass off as vapor, especially when heated to 300 degrees or more Fahrenheit.
  • One Vanilla bean equals about 3 teaspoons of extract.
  • You are sure that you are using a 100% natural products - freshly harvested Vanilla beans.

Our Quality Standard

  • 4 ounces : contains 25 to 30 beans
  • Bean Length:16 cm+ ( 6 inches)
  • Grade : Grade A
  • Vanillan content: 1.8 to 2.2%
  • Curing: Sun dried
  • Orders are delivered worldwide within 3 - 7 days through Fedex or DHL with online shipment tracking.