Toasted Coconut Chips 8 ounces ( 227 grams )

US$16.00 US$12.80

Toasted Coconut Chips are just great as a snack any time of the day

Toasted Coconut Chips are crunchy and full of flavour. Our Coconut Chips are a snacking sensation that your taste buds won’t be able to resist!

All the crunch of potato chips with the unique taste of the tropics and the goodness of Coconut.

We ship our Toasted Coconut Chips within days of harvest in a plastic jars so that the Toasted Coconut Chips are delivered to you without any clumps.

Not just the perfect snack, Roasted Coconut Chips are also great to sprinkle on ice cream, fruit and cereal or add to curries, rice dishes and baking.

Fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate and coconut chips – simply irresistible!

Their light weight makes Roasted Coconut Chips the perfect ‘on the go’ snack – slip in your bag or lunch box and no matter how hot it gets they require no refrigeration.

Worldwide delivery through Fedex or DHL to reach you within 3 - 7 days with online shipment tracking.