Vanilla Tea 8 oz ( 227 grams )


Natural Vanilla Tea within days of harvest

Vanilla Tea is made with Ceylon Tea of the highest quality and fresh, aromatic Vanilla Beans to ensure the perfect taste, flavour and nutrients are present in every cup you drink.

Vanilla Tea is the perfect warm drink in the winter and excellent ice tea in the summer. The antioxidant properties of the tea contribute to better health.Vanilla Tea is the natural, delicious way to look after yourself.

Among the purported health benefits of vanilla by ancient peoples was that it could act as an aphrodisiac. But it wasn’ t just ancient peoples that thought this, in the 1700’ s it was recommended by physicians to be drunk as an infusion or tincture for the purposes of male potency. An article written by the German physician in 1762 claimed that 342 impotent men were changed into astonishing lovers from drinking vanilla decoctions.

In modern times, aromatherapy tests were done on different aromas and the one that most men were aroused by was vanilla. There is some controversy over whether this arousal was gastronomic or sexual. Even so, vanillin does have anti-oxidant properties.

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