Ceylon Cinnamon Powder

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Ceylon Cinnamon Powder is our best selling product and we are delighted to share our customer reviews from around the world at the bottom of this page.

Ceylon Cinnamon is also called true Cinnamon or sweet Cinnamon and especially suited for baking because of it's sweet taste.

DRUERA markets Ceylon Cinnamon Powder in 2 oz , 8 oz and 16 oz pack sizes which could be purchase online by clicking the arrow pointing down next to the pack size.

By using our Ceylon Cinnamon powder you could reduce the use of sugar in all your recipes.

We believe our customers have enjoyed remarkable health benefits because our Cinnamon is grown free of any chemicals or pesticides and non-irradiated, non fumigated , Non-GMO, and Gluten Free. In addition our Cinnamon is shipped straight from Ceylon immediately after harvested when the essential oils are at its optimum levels.

We are the only supplier in the world that grinds the Ceylon Cinnamon on the day of dispatch. This is the main reason DRUERA Ceylon Cinnamon taste so fresh and delicious.

The Cinnamon Powder will keep fresh for up to 2 years in our Branded airtight jar.

We also recommend that you try our Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks , Cinnamon Loose Tea and Cinnamon Tea Bags

Worldwide delivery within 3 - 7 days with online shipment tracking.

Customer Reviews

Based on 969 reviews
Kettlyne R. (Brampton, Canada)
Best, (Toronto)Canada

Very good and healthy food

Wal C. (Melbourne, Australia)

Speedy delivery, in full. All spices arrived well packaged and extremely fresh.

Susan W. (Boise, United States)
Best Ever

If you want the all the health benefits from cinnamon, only use the best Ceylon Cinnamon from Druera!

CinnamonDragon (Duncan, United States)
No Other Cinnamon Is Worth It

This is the only cinnamon I buy anymore. The quality has been consistently high for years and it is just very very good. For what it is, it is VERY reasonably priced.

Nanncy G. (Glenside, United States)
Best Ceylon Cinnamon Powder

I've been using this wonderful Ceylon Cinnamon for years now. Very satisfied with the product.