Clove Bud Oil

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Clove Bud Oil

Clove bud oil from Ceylon is renowned for its superior aroma and pungency. Clove oil is derived from the Clove tree, a pretty tree with reddish, tender leaves. The major spice is the unopened flower bud, which is harvested along with its stem and dried in the shade. The buds and stems are dried separately.

DRUERA Clove Bud Oil is food grade.

The drying process has to be carefully monitored as it is akin to a curing process, and the aroma quality develops during this stage. Oils are distilled from the buds, stems, and leaves. The authentic clove oil is the clove bud oil, which has a fragrant and mellow aroma. Clove Bud oil has a strong spicy, fruity, and floral aroma.

It is widely known to have a finer aroma than those derived from Clove leaf or stem oils. 

Clove oil is used to flavor gum and toothpaste, spice baked goods, cook and pickle, as a natural fragrance.

* Use sparingly to spice food or tea; one drop is strong enough to flavor an entire recipe.

* For a lighter flavor, dilute in white wine, white wine vinegar, or rice vinegar; shake well before adding as desired to flavor food or beverages.

* Add by the drop to your favorite carrier oil or personal care product.

* For a natural alternative to perfumed or petroleum-based air fresheners, add by the drop to any essential oil diffuser, potpourri simmering pot or even a pan of steaming water on the stove.

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Customer Reviews

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Scott (Hamilton, Bermuda)
Clove Oil

extremely happy with my Clove Oil. My first use of it was to add a few drops to a boiling cup of water, it tasted great!!!
This is now my new evening tea. I'm now going to order two more bottles to give to friends. Thanks Druera!!!


The cinnamon toothpicks are great! I'm addicted to these things. I'll be buying more!

Thank you very much!

Baltimore, Maryland, USA

D C.Y.

Clove oil was received yesterday and very aromatic, the product, packing and service was excellent. Keep us the good work

Thanking you

D Young