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Ceylon Cinnamon Supplements
Lauren G. (Nashville, United States)
Great customer service!

Been using these for years! No added junk. They always arrive quickly!

Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
Emanuel E. (Naaldwijk, The Netherlands)
Good Quality

Product arrived as stipulated and in very good condition. The cinnamon smelled real good and fresh and also tasted excellent. It is finely grounded which is very convenient to mix with liquids.

Great product

Ceylon Cinnamon Supplements
Jackie S. (Schererville, United States)

Take every day. Pure. Not sure it helps but doesn’t hurt to try

Ceylon Cinnamon Supplements
kenneth m. (Hoffman, United States)
Cinnamon capsules

Good company, quick delivery
Good product

Ground Ginger
Maria S.L. (Houston, United States)
Like this product a lot. Purchased several times.

Ground Ginger

Ceylon Cinnamon Toothpicks Box
David R. (Independence, United States)
Tooth pics

Great flavor, long lasting

Pure Ceylon Cinnamon Tea Bags
Patricia P. (Panama City, Panama)

Lovely tea

Ceylon Cinnamon & Green Tea Bags
Maria S.L. (Houston, United States)
Tumeric & ginger

I use these products & they are potent. Like them alot

Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
Paul M. (Half Moon Bay, United States)
Ceylon Cinnamon

We love this cinnamon. Great value too!

Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
R. J. (Frisco, United States)
Great Tea & Cinammon

This is the finest cinnamon available outside Sri Lanka and the tea compliments a good daily diet.

Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
Christine J. (Auckland, New Zealand)
Love druera cinnamon

I have been buying druera cinnamon for years now & I love it, it tastes great & I know it’s the real deal. It’s a bit like Manuka honey, where you have to buy UMF Manuka to know you’re getting the real deal. I combine cinnamon with UMF Manuka & make it into paste or mix it as a hot drink for the healthy heart benefits❤️

Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
Janie B. (Sarasota, United States)
Outstanding product

Taste and aroma the BEST!! Such a healthy spice!!

Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
Joe V. (Long Beach, United States)
Best Cinnamon!!

Love it in my cereal and oatmeal

Vanilla Powder 2 Oz / 56 grams
Wendy F. (Veyrier-du-Lac, France)
The intensity will astonish you!

I promise you've really never tasted vanilla this potent, and a small spice jar filled to the top will be enough to elevate the flavor of about 1000 recipes like you've never tasted them before.

After years of ordering cinnamon with only one hitch, when I'd ordered toasted coconut fIakes, I was issued a customs duty that I happily paid (23.68 euros) As before the customs duty exceeded the price of the commodity, but in the long run, it is still a lot cheaper than paying for similar products in France.

Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks
Juliana M. (New York, United States)
My favorite Cinnomon sticks

I make tea with it and it's just so sweet. I also boil the sticks to make the house and kitchen smell sweet.

Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
Lisa L. (Rockwall, United States)
Delicious and fresh!

The best cinnamon I've ever tasted! This is my 4th time ordering. Real cinnamon that is pure and freshly harvested and ground. I haven't found it or anything like it in Dallas.

Pure Ceylon Cinnamon Tea Bags
Kevin B. (Nassau, Bahamas)
Frequent customer

High quality packaging and excellent flavor and taste.

Turmeric Powder
Susan W. (Brisbane, Australia)
Best Ever Turmeric Powder!

I have been buying Turmeric Powder from Druera for a number of years. It is the freshest and best quality I have ever purchased. Totally recommend it! Great customer service and quick delivery as well.

Samahan Tea
Roben J. (Florence, United States)
Samahan Tea

I am really enjoying the Samahan tea I recently purchased from you. It arrived promptly, tastes delicious, and i appreciate that it has nutritional value.

Turmeric supplements

I am very happy with your product, my husband and I have been using this for sometime, taking daily.So far so good thank you Cheers Juliet.

Ginger Supplements
Umberto S. (New York, United States)
Best supplement

It is the best ginger supplement I ever tried!

Samahan Tea
Kevin B. (Nassau, Bahamas)
Awesome tea

We drink it every morning, and recommended it to all of our friends. It’s a life saver.

Masala Chai Tea
Bob (Whitesboro, United States)

Chai tea drink. it or put the leaves in muffins/etc