Roasted Curry Powder

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Roasted Curry Powder made according to a traditional recipe with 100% freshly harvested Spices in Ceylon. We roast weekly so that you can experience the freshness of our roasted curry powder.

Ingredients - coriander, cumin, fenugreek, sweet cumin, chilli, ginger, clove, curry leaf, mustard, pepper, cardamom.

DRUERA markets Roasted Curry Powder in 4 oz and 12 oz pack sizes which could be purchase online by clicking the arrow pointing down next to the pack size.

Roasted Curry Powder is mainly used with meat and fish dishes. 

We invite you to also try our Unroasted curry powder which is mainly used in vegetable dishes and in dishes where you do not want the spices to be too strong. Please buy up to a total of three 4 oz jars of curry powders and pay the same rate for shipping.

These curry powders will be a an exotic gift to family or friends.

Worldwide delivery within 3 - 7 days with online shipment tracking.

Customer Reviews

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Richard G. (Lisbon, Portugal)
Amazing product

This roasted curry powder transforms meats, veggies, you name it into something distinctive and delicious. The roasting infuses a completely different flavor than unroasted curries, and has a deep and mellow flavor that welcomes layers like tamarind glaze on bbq/grilled food.

Lisa M. (Sarnia, Canada)
Yummy flavour

We absolutely love this blend. I use it in curries, roasted vegetables, in yogurt as a dip. Etc etc. it is so good!

mark f. (Vaucluse, Australia)
'love it

'i throw it in with lentils and beans so easy

Anthony L. (Ayr, United Kingdom)
Excellent, as always

DRUERA have never let me down in several years and two very different countries, in terms of freshness, packing, delivery times and - above all - taste. The prices aren't bad either, especially if, as I do now, you live somewhere remote and have to add the price of large quantities of petrol for the journey to somewhere with a shop that stocks the spices that I have come to know and love in Nepal/India/Ceylon. The Roasted Curry Powder does just what it says on the label - tastes of true curry, but complemented in really genuine fashion with all the "back-up" spices a curry needs (and I'm not taking brown-sludge restaurant interpretations here - I mean curry, not some variation on masala). Very highly recommended by someone who spent some of the best years of life living and working where things taste like this.

Kate (Federal Way, United States)

i’ve been using the powder to make meatballs for a last minute meal and look forward to using it more. the roasting makes a big difference