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Cinnamon Conditioner
Jon A. (New Canaan, United States)
Excellent conditioner

This conditioner leaves my hair and scalp feeling fully refreshed

Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
Rin G. (Yelm, United States)
Best Cinnamon ever

I have been buying the Ceylon Cinnamon for several years now and will never change. It is the best flavor I have ever found. DRUERA products are all fresh and wonderful. Service and delivery is quick and always exactly what I have ordered.

Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
Roben J. (Florence, United States)
Great product!

Your cinnamon is sweet, fresh and mellow.

Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
David R. (Covington, United States)
Ceylon Cinnamon Great product

Great Product excellent flavor, fast delivery

Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
P J. (Dallas, United States)
Delicious cinnamon

Really wanted Ceylon cinnamon and found this site. Delicious cinnamon delivered very quickly directly from Sri Lanka.

Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
Nikki G. (Huntersville, United States)
Very best

Use it almost everyday. I am so pleased I discovered this website. I had read many times that the best cinnamon to consume is Ceylon cinnamon. I am have enough to last for months but when needed I will diffidently order from Druera again.

Tom K. (Bristol, United States)
cinnamon sticks/ whole cloves

I received both items extremely fast. The quantity, quality and pricing is far better than any other supplier from the past. Will definitely be reordering these items again and will look into other items for relieving inflamation pain

Turmeric Powder
mohammed a. (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
منتج رائع

كماهوو في الاعلان

Turmeric Supplements
Irene V. (Largo, United States)
Great turmeric

This turmeric helps so much with my arthritis pain, it really is good stuff!

Samahan Tea
Valerii A. (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Very good tea!!!

Very good tea!!!

My Essential Daily Carry

Lol. I don't ever want to run out of these.

Great Toothpicks

I enjoy these toothpicks so much. I had to buy some more to share as gifts.

Potent Oil

Ooo man this stuff is good. I love having this oil. Add it to your favorite dishes and bring out some real exciting flavor!
I'm definitely getting the other food grade oils available from Druera!!!

Coconut Soap Handmade 3.5 Oz ( 100 Grams )
rick (Brooks, United States)
skin conditioner

pleasant and mild for sensitive skin....will order again.....price doesn't matter so much and i can live with that.......

Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
Emma W. (Newbury, United Kingdom)

Simple the best cinnamon!

Ceylon Cinnamon Supplements 250mg x 240 Capsules
Lauren G. (Nashville, United States)
Great customer service!

Been using these for years! No added junk. They always arrive quickly!

Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
Emanuel E. (Naaldwijk, The Netherlands)
Good Quality

Product arrived as stipulated and in very good condition. The cinnamon smelled real good and fresh and also tasted excellent. It is finely grounded which is very convenient to mix with liquids.

Ceylon Cinnamon Supplements 250mg x 240 Capsules
Jackie S. (Schererville, United States)

Take every day. Pure. Not sure it helps but doesn’t hurt to try

Ceylon Cinnamon Supplements 250mg x 240 Capsules
kenneth m. (Hoffman, United States)
Cinnamon capsules

Good company, quick delivery
Good product

Ground Ginger
Maria S.L. (Houston, United States)
Like this product a lot. Purchased several times.

Ground Ginger

Cinnamon Toothpicks Box with 1000 Toothpicks
David R. (Independence, United States)
Tooth pics

Great flavor, long lasting

Pure Ceylon Cinnamon Tea Bags
Patricia P. (Panama City, Panama)

Lovely tea

Ceylon Cinnamon & Green Tea Bags
Maria S.L. (Houston, United States)
Tumeric & ginger

I use these products & they are potent. Like them alot