DRUERA klantrecensies sinds 2005 van over de hele wereld

DRUERA is verheugd om sinds 2005 klantrecensies van over de hele wereld te delen. Wij nodigen u ook uit om ambassadeur te worden voor DRUERA Thee en Kruiden.
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Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
A (.G.S. (Auckland, New Zealand)
Best in World.

Slightly finer powder than I am used to, but it has proven to be the best powder in the world.

Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
Steven B. (San Diego, United States)

I have been using this cinnamon for years and find it to be superior in taste and health benefits to other types.

Ceylon Cinnamon Supplements
Umberto S. (New York, United States)
Best supplement

Best supplement I ever used. Keep up the good work!!!

Lemongrass Oil
Solo (Simpsonville, United States)
Druera Lemongrass oil

This is the best lemongrass oil I’ve ever used.

Ceylon Cinnamon Supplements
David R. (Independence, United States)
True cinnamon

This is a great product the best you can get

Turmeric Supplements
Alcy P. (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
Excellent product and service!!!

I am a customer for more than 10 years now and always satisfied and happy with the products I get and the service and attention I receive. Thank you DRU. ERA.

The best

I simply do not even look for any of my loved products anywhere but Dur Era....I trust the quality and concern of this company .

First time

I have ordered the balm for the first time. I use it nightly on my jaws and temples.
I love fall asleep while deep breathing the aroma.

My trusted go to!

Dru Era has been a gift for getting the most wonderful products.
The quality is beyond compare!

Ceylon Cinnamon Supplements
Mohan (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia)


Cinnamon Conditioner
Rita M. (Nassau, Bahamas)
Cinnamon conditioner

smells really good and makes your hair soft snd manageable

A great supplement at a reasonable price.

This is a very high quality supplement at a very reasonable price.

Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
Monica M. (Birmingham, United States)
DRUERA Ceylon Cinnamon

I really enjoy the taste and health benefits of DRUERA Ceylon Cinnamon! I use it frequently in broths and tea.
Thank you,

Like the taste and purity of this cinnamon.

Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks are so unique!
They make part of my morning coffee.
“Best coffee in town”
Mario Abdilla

Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
Regina G. (Marietta, United States)
Top Notch Quality

This is the 3rd. time I have been purchasing this product and I am very happy with it again. I wanted to make sure that I am getting true Ceylon cinnamon and have therefore researched this product very well. Once you have had the Cassia cinnamon version you'll know the difference. Cassia has a stronger, more pungent smell and flavor, whereas true Ceylon cinnamon has a finer, mellow and almost sweet smell and flavor. Cassia also contains coumarin, which is poisoning in larger amounts and if eaten regularly. However, Cassia is more widely available because of its cheaper production and price. I go for quality which I have found in this product.By the way, the one pound has lasted me about 3 years, and there was no change in quality to the end. Hope this helps. (this review is objective and non biased)

Black Seed Oil
Rita M. (Charlotte, United States)
Black Seed Oil Review

Great oil at a great price.

Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
Johnny C. (Unicoi, United States)

Good deal good for blood sugar levels

Samahan Tea
JASON M. (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Great product great service


Samahan Tea
Haya D. (Tel Aviv, Israel)
wonderful product and kind service

wonderful product and kind service - thank you !

Samahan Tea
R. (Toronto, Canada)
Samahan Tea is Best Fall/Winter Immune Support

My go-to immune booster at the turn of seasons when the sniffles appear. I mix it in hot milk/tea with 1/2 tsp honey and a sprinkle of turmeric. Drink a cup first thing in the morning to fortify your respiratory and digestive systems.

Yummy Curry-Leaves Cashew Nuts

A family favourite, they dont't last!

Nutmeg with Shell
victoria w. (Phoenix, United States)
Right product, wrong label

I ordered 1lb Nutmeg in a Shell and it arrived sooner than I expected. Unfortunately, the label states Nutmeg without Shell. It looks like it is in a shell but, to be certain I emailed Druera. They never responded to my inquiry so I only give them 4 stars.

Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
James (Waveland, United States)
The best

We have used this for 15 years and it is the best