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Turmeric Supplements (Curcuma longa) Turmeric indigenous to Sri Lanka has a high level of curcumin content between 5 - 6 %. The anti-inflammatory properties of Turmeric are known to provide assistance in treating osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and joint inflammation.

It has been found that when Turmeric is consumed with black pepper spice the bioavailability of Curcumin increased by 2000%, and levels of absorption of Curcumin improved dramatically. Hence we have incorporated Black Pepper (0.7%) and Ginger spice (6.8%) in to our supplements.

• Helps reduce Blood Pressure - Turmeric has been found to reduce blood pressure by lowering the excess platelet aggregation that occurs in sticky, clot-forming blood

• Helps Detoxify Your Body - Curcumin can help naturally remove dangerous toxins from your body and can possibly protect you against cellular damage from free radical molecules for healthier skin, organs, muscles, and bones. It may also improve the health of cell membranes, which can render cells more resistant to infection and malignancies.

• Turmeric can also be used as part of an herbal anti-aging treatment. The natural antioxidants can help, together with a healthy diet and nutrition plan, to detox the skin and reveal natural beauty. Recommended daily intake – 2 x 300 mg Capsules twice a day.

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Seems to be working already after 4 days.

Turmeric w/ Black Pepper & Ginger capsules

The right combination for effective results is conveniently provided in these easy to swallow capsules.

Fantastic service

I have been purchasing DrueraTumeric capsules now for a couple of years. Delivery to NZ is only 6 - 8 days. I have found them to be helping my Arthritis and general health. I get 4 bottles at a time, don't like to run out. Thank you for your great and affordable products.


Always a great product with many health benefits. Been using this product for 10 years.

Just lovely 💓

The ginger is great! Takes a while for the turmeric to really get into my system, but I can tell it's of a superior quality.