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Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
R.H. (Weatherford, United States)

The most healthy and best tasting Cinnamon one can purchase. Great customer service as well.
Thank you!

Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
Eleanor K. (Dallas, United States)

So far in taking it daily, I see no change in my Blood Pressure.

We recommend that you consume the Ceylon Cinnamon Powder half an hour before meals and test your levels after a month in consultation with your physician.

Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
Moscovia F. (Tallahassee, United States)
Excellent quality

I love the excellent quality of your cinnamon powder. The spice has excellent taste and texture; the delivery was safe and timely to boot. I am extremely satisfied with both the quality of your products and your customer service.

Best ceylon cinnamon ever

I recently bought the product from this website and it has the best ceylon cinnamon, the color, the smell and the texture, all are super quality. Keep it up the great job. Thank you 😊💓

White Pepper
Juliet K.

White Pepper is a good product thank you.

Pure Ceylon Cinnamon Tea Bags
Rod T. (San Antonio, United States)
Great Tea & Very Satisfying

This teas has an excellent cinnamon flavor without overpowering. One tea bag is also good for two cups. Most of the other teas loose their flavor after the first cup

Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
lorna g. (Arlington, United States)
the best

Sweetest cinnamon have ever had. Fantastic delivery time. Excellent experience.

Anne K. (Copenhagen, Denmark)
The best remedy

The best remedy for coughing and colds. I was introduced to it in Sri Lanka and I have loved it ever since. Thanks for quick delivery.

Turmeric Supplements
Alcy P. (Toronto, Canada)
Great products

I always get very nice products and I will always keep buying from DruEra.

Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
Arthur H. (Deerfield, United States)

Best stuff. Good package.

Silver Tips Tea
Ursula A. (Visalia, United States)

This tea is smooth, delicate flowery aroma, a treat to the palate:)

Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
Sandy O. (Barking, United Kingdom)
Poor Delvery

The cinnamon itself is good but the delivery was very poor. I had to be chasing the delivery parcel company.

We are sorry to hear that the order was not delivered within 7 working days do to delays in a transit hub due to Covid.

Good Thank you

Ceylon Cinnamon Supplements
ELVERA D. (Tavares, United States)
The Best

After learning Ceylon cinnamon is the best you can purchase I did so. The fragrance and the taste are proof that the information is correct

Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Oil
Terry M. (Concord, United States)
Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Oil

First of all, $49 is way too much to pay because I found a larger bottle of better-tasting cinnamon bark oil for $19 on a different web page. Secondly, this flavor is really strong compared to what I am used to taking for help with blood sugar control. The flavor isn't bad, it's just really potent.

DRUERA Cinnamon Bark Oil is 100% pure and as such very strong. Please also note that more and more consumers are switching to Ceylon Cinnamon because of the ultra low coumarin content compared to Cassia. Ceylon Cinnamon Bark oil only contains 0.004% coumarin compared to 1.2% coumarin in Cassia Oil that is masquerading as Cinnamon in the USA.

Desiccated Coconut
Gloria C. (Wayne, United States)
Great flavor

DRUERA’s coconut has great fresh flavor. This was my second time purchasing it and it didn’t disappoint.

Susanne L. (Guttingen, Switzerland)
Very good

Everything is very good

Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks
Gary K. (Charlotte, United States)

very good experience

I've not been tested concerning sugar levels but I feel great! I take is twice a day but haven't really had enough time to see if any difference yet

Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
Long S. (Indianapolis, United States)
Great taste.

It has a lovely aroma and a great taste. I can hardly wait to try in all my recipes.

Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
Adam O. (Vancouver, Canada)

-Appears to be authentic Cinnamomum Zeylanicum.
-Tastes great.
-Decent Price - I eat it every day and consumed 1lb. of this over 11 months.
-Also, customer service was friendly and responsive

-No way to verify its authenticity
-I’d be much more inclined to buy more and refer to friends etc. if Dru Era employed a third-party fact checker to verify that it is in fact NOT Cinnamomum cassia

Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed review which is much appreciated.

Between 80 - 90% of Ceylon Cinnamon consumed worldwide is exported from Sri Lanka ( Ceylon). Only Ceylon Cinnamon grows in Sri Lanka and DRUERA has shipped all its orders since 2005 from Sri Lanka ( Ceylon).

Ceylon Cinnamon Supplements
walt r.h. (Buffalo, United States)
Now that I have had time... (take 2)

I've already submitted a review for the cinnamon supplements.
I will be re-ordering this every 4-6 weeks. Please see my earlier review with the same title.

Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks
Igor G. (Zagreb, Croatia)
Cinnamon sticks

Perfectly fine taste

Ceylon Cinnamon & Black Tea Bags
donna g. (Buffalo, United States)
Ceylon cinnamon tea

Will buy again very good tea..

Janet S. (Brisbane, Australia)
Excellent product

Excellent service