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Nutmeg with shell is mainly purchased by savvy consumers who wish to hold the spice for extended period and only crack the shell  just before use.

DRUERA markets Nutmeg with shell in 4 oz and 16 oz pack sizes which could be purchase online by clicking the arrow pointing down next to the pack size.

Nutmeg is grown in the hill country of central Ceylon Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans) is a native of Moluccas in east Indonesia and is reported to have been introduced to Sri Lanka in the early nineteenth century. It's a spreading evergreen tree 15-20 m high.

Flowers are generally unisexual. Bisexual flowers also occur. Occasional trees with male and female flowers are seen in plantations. Fruits are fleshy drupes. which turns yellow when ripe and split in to two halves exposing purplish brown shiny seed surrounded by a net like red aril called Mace.

Nutmeg tree yields two spices, Nutmeg which is the kernel of the seed and mace, which is the net like crimson coloured leathery outgrowth (aril) covering the shell of the seed Our Spices are grown in the wild and as such could be considered organic. They are free of any pesticides and herbicides.

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I'm very pleased with this purchase; very aromatic!

Very Satisfied!

Today I have received the parcel with my order from you. What can I say? The product is so delicious and of high quality. Aroma is just amazing,

I have never tasted true cinnamon before so it is a great pleasure to try it now. Thanks for your service and products. I hope for further collaboration.


More than I expected


Excellent service. Ordering easy, arrived on time and fantastic quality.


Cinnamon - Incomparably HEAVENLY flavor & perfume.

Ditto for Nutmegs- i had to learn to crack them gently, again wonderful flavor, Transforms Bechamel sauce into something special., wonderful on spinach , cream sauces, paté , or just grated on hot milk for bedtime drink.

Tumeric is OK flavor a bit "off" ?? So not v nice taken raw as healthfood , but fine cooked.

Overall, v happy , will reccomend Dru Era to friends & order again.